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The View at University Center

3896 University Center Drive Las Vegas, NV 89119


Wanwisa E. Profile Thumb

Wanwisa E.

2 days ago

My first move-in day was smooth. Thomas made sure that all keys and everything works. Very quick and attentive. His team was nice too. Thank you!

Keith A. Profile Thumb

Keith A.

2 days ago

Nice and cool place to be at and the staff is very helpful and so awesome and one day about this place has nothing but a piece of mind and safety

Jamilyn C. Profile Thumb

Jamilyn C.

3 days ago

The apartments are nice. However the environment is not safe. There is a lack of security. The mailing situation can sometimes be a mess. I would sometimes never get notifications about my package being at the office

Jason B. Profile Thumb

Jason B.

3 days ago

The view has great team keep the appearance of the complex up and looking good we have night security walking the complex to keep us feeling safe we are a gated community plenty of parking around the whole complex for everyone to park and friends who might visit the office holds delivery packages for you so they don't get taken plus send you a text letting you know you have a package here. Love the new view!!

Simon L. Profile Thumb

Simon L.

10 days ago

Love it here. Have in been here one week and it has been an awesome experience. Wish I could have called it my first apartment. It is an upgrade from what I lived in 8 months ago.

Mariah S. Profile Thumb

Mariah S.

10 days ago

The apartment complex are nice and comfy but things need to be updated in the kitchen, dryer, and washer area. Also the gate needs to be fixed because it’s a concern for my safety and car especially in the area we are located.

Dominic T. Profile Thumb

Dominic T.

18 days ago

I don't have any complaints been here for three years and love it. I have been through all the changes and the staff have always been the best.

Destiny Y. Profile Thumb

Destiny Y.

18 days ago

Living at The View has been a great experience. Although I encountered some safety and scary experiences they were not too bad. The staff are always great and the community could be better but I can not complain because of the cheap expenses of the apartment complex!